Remove or Hide tabs in OpManager (version 11.0)

Remove or Hide tabs in OpManager (version 11.0)

Question :  How do I remove/hide tabs from OpManager?

Solution : OpManager has a built-in feature to customize tabs where you can hide  unwanted tabs,  to  hide any tab , click on admin option on the top right corner >  Edit tab > click on the required tab > click on "X" option to delete > save the changes. If  it should  be removed permanently from the database, run the following query by connecting to the database.

DELETE FROM TabItems where NAME='tabname ';

(To get the tab name , connect to the  Opmanager database and run the following query "select * from TabItems;", make a note of the tabname to be removed and substitute the same  in the above query)

Ex: If you would like to delete IT Pulse tabe , the following query should be executed :

DELETE FROM TabItems where NAME='';

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