Receiving Authentication Failure Trap alarms in Opmanager

Receiving Authentication Failure Trap alarms in Opmanager

Issue: Authentication Failure error messages in OpManager


Authentication failure alarm is due to some monitoring system trying to access the device with wrong community string including OpManager ,  It may be opmanager or some other monitoring system installed in your network sending snmp queries with wrong community strings.


Please use our  bulk  "Test Credential"  option  under admin tab and  make sure your devices are configured with correct SNMP read community and are getting passed, if all the devices are passing SNMP credential test then it may be due to some other devices  on the  network  contacting the device with wrong SNMP read community.

As a final step we can install any  packet sniffer software Ethereal(  or Wireshark capture packets to see which device is sending request with wrong SNMP community.

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