Rename request description in translations

Rename request description in translations

In translations, there are many descriptions, to identify request description and modify, follow the steps below,

1. Navigate to Admin->Translations page and search for "description". 

2. A list of matches will be loaded. Now press F12 button. Make sure you are in 'Elements' tab. 

3. Search for the key sdp.requests.common.desc.  You will find elements like the ones mentioned below: 

                                <div class="pbottom15 ptop4" id="sdp.requests.common.desc_value">Description</div> 
                                <div id="sdp.requests.common.desc_original" class="hide">Description</div> 
                                <div id="sdp.requests.common.desc_bck" class="hide"></div> 
                                <div id="sdp.requests.common.desc_anchor"> 
                                        <a class="modifylink" id="sdp.requests.common.desc_a" onclick="loadEditFormForKey('sdp.requests.common.desc')" href="javascript:void(0)">Modify</a> 
                                        &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a class="modifylink" href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="removeTranslationForKey('sdp.requests.common.desc')">Reset</a> 

4. Right click on the highlighted element(shown above) with id="sdp.requests.common.desc_original" and select 'Scroll into view' This will get the needed 'Description' field into your view. 

5. When you hover over the same div element in inspector, the appropriate field will be highlighted in the UI from where you could find the translation section that needs to be changed. Here you can change the same. 

6.  Restart the application twice   and check whether the changes are effective.

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