1. I am unable to create a new RBM monitor.

  1. Go to  the Support tab and check the license Information.
  2. Verify if "EUM Add-on" option is enabled.
  3. If it is not enabled, contact sales@manageengine.com to purchase/trial the Add-on since RBM requires the EUM Add-on.
  4. Check if the web site is accessible from the machine where the EUM Agent is installed.
  5. In the Web Transaction Recorder, this might happen if the proxy is not configured properly. To configure proxy click "Actions- > Proxy Settings" and configure proxy.
  6. In the EUM Agent, to configure the proxy, open the EUM web portal and add the proxy details. Restart the EUM Agent.

2. How to avoid "No response from Server or Script playback timed out" error during test playback?

  1. Increase the playback timeout value. We have option from Recorder and Applications Manager console as well.
  2. While recording the web transaction all the mouse-over events will be recorded. If the particular web site has lot of mouse-over effects then all the mouse-over will be recorded which causes much delay during test playback.
  3. To avoid this please check the actions count in transaction preview page and delete the unwanted mouse over events before proceeding with the test playback.

3. How to correct "Unable to locate element" error during datacollection?

  1. This error occurs when a particular element specified in the script is missing or hidden.
  2. This can be corrected by editing the script and changing the element locator or value.
  3. To edit the script, go to the monitor details page and select 'Edit Script' under the 'Monitor Actions' menu.

4. What are the limitations of RBM?

  1. Applet based websites.
  2. File upload and download is disabled.
  3. Events occurring with in flash-based content.
  4. Websites using Flash and Flash-like software such as SilverLight might face problems during data collection.
  5. Printer functionality is disabled.
  6. Multilevel mouse-over events.
  7. iFrames defined without name, id or src attributes.

5. What is Test Playback?

  1. Always perform Test playback once before adding the RBM monitor. It has intelligent playback, in which will Applications Manager will try to update the script with the best available identifier to fire each actions.
  2. If the test playback fails due to the timeout issue, then this is mostly because we have a default timeout of 10 seconds during the test playback and not the timeout value that the customer specifies in the Add Monitor Page from Recorder.
    1. So in such cases, modify the timeout from "Preferences" in the Web Transaction Recorder, then do a Test Playback
    2. Remember that we have an option to edit the 'Timeout' value even after adding the monitor from Applications Manager console

6. What is Timeout issue or Unable to load page?

  1. If the monitor shows an error saying 'Unable to load page within 10 seconds'
  2. Check if the particular page gets loaded within the given timeout value in the Firefox Browser bundled with the EUM Agent.
  3. Check for the proxy settings, since proxy could be another reason for the page load failures.

7. Clarification regarding Basic Authentication.

  1. When site with basic authentication is recorder, the playback script should have the following line in the beginning of the script.
    1. set_auth_credentials("HOST:PORT", "USERNAME" ,"ENCODED PASSWORD")
  2. As mentioned it will have three parameters:
    1. The first parameter will be the "host: port" of the URL for which the Credential is required. Sometimes the website might be using default ports (such as 80 for http and 443 for https). In those cases, it is enough to have the complete hostname alone as the first parameter
      1. Note that HOST should reflect the hostname shown in the pop-up asking for Basic Authentication Credentials in the website.
    2. The second parameter is the Username. If the username is of the format "domain\User" then the '\' (backslash) in between will be escaped. So it will look like "domain\\\\User"
    3. The third parameter is Encoded Password
  3. If the line is not present, then please check if the servers where the recording is done have the "Save Passwords Enabled". If yes, please disable/remove the saved credentials and re-record the same sequence and it should work.
  4. Sample Format: set_auth_credentials("manageengine:8443", "me\\\\appmanager" ,"zefn34nkudgni$==")

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