RBM - Enabling the Playback using Google Chrome browser

RBM - Enabling the Playback using Google Chrome browser

 Steps to enable the Playback using Google Chrome in an EUM Agent:
  1. Download the EUM Agent & its compatible version of Applications Manager (Build version 15000 & above) that supports Google Chrome Playback. Click here to find the EUM Agent with Google Chrome Support.
  2. Install the EUM Agent in a server which already have the "Google Chrome" browser installed.
  3. Download/Install the corresponding WebDriver for Google Chrome browser in the same machine where EUM Agent is installed.
    1. Please note that there are different drivers supported for different versions of Google Chrome browser.
    2. To find the version of Google Chrome browser: 
      1. Open Google Chrome browser -> Settings -> About Chrome -> Find the version
    3. Download the appropriate Google Chrome web driver for the respective version of the Google Chrome Browser.
  4. Now Start the EUM Agent and open the agent settings page. Usually EUM Agent runs in port 9999. So access the URL http://hostname:9999/ in a browser
  5. Enter the details of the Applications Manager instance in the home tab and save the details.
  6. Then navigate to the tab "WebDriver Settings"
  7. Under the "WebDriver Settings" tab, in the text box "Google Chrome WebDriver Path" enter the complete path of the Google Chrome WebDriver. Sample Path
    1. Windows   :  C:\Windows\Chrome Driver\chromedriver.exe
      Linux          :  /home/test/chromedriver
  8. Save the settings and restart the EUM Agent

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