Random logout when accessing other ME application from same server

Random logout when accessing other ME application from same server


We cannot access two or more ManageEngine products installed on the same server with the same machine name.

Root cause:

For example, if you have installed ServiceDesk Plus and Password Manager Pro in same machine and if you access ServiceDesk Plus via https://zylkercorp.com:8080/ and Password Manager Pro via https://zylkercorp.com:7272/ then this causes overlapping of cookies from SDP and PMP since both these URLs share the same domain zylkercorp.com.


      If you cannot migrate other applications to new server machines, then you can check with your network admin and add CNAME entries like pmp.zylkercorp.com, sdp.zylkercorp.com , both pointing to the IP address of the zylkercorp.com server machine. Now you can access PMP via pmp.zylkercorp.com:7272 and SDP via sdp.zylkercorp.com:8080

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