Query to show who closed the request

Query to show who closed the request


select wo.workorderid "Request ID", aau.first_name "Request Closed By", cit.typename "Role", queuedefinition.queuename "Group" from WorkOrder wo  LEFT JOIN WorkOrderHistory woh ON wo.WORKORDERID = woh.WORKORDERID LEFT JOIN WorkOrderHistoryDiff wohd ON woh.HISTORYID = wohd.HISTORYID LEFT JOIN aaauser aau ON woh.operationownerid=aau.user_id LEFT JOIN sduser sdu ON aau.user_id=sdu.userid LEFT JOIN ci ci  ON sdu.ciid=ci.ciid LEFT JOIN citype cit ON cit.typeid=ci.citypeid left join workorder_queue woq
on wo.workorderid=woq.workorderid left join queuedefinition on woq.queueid=queuedefinition.queueid WHERE woh.operation='CLOSE' AND wo.createdtime>=<from_thismonth>and wo.createdtime<=<to_thismonth>

NOTE: Date filter highlighted in the query can be modified and below parameters can be used instead.

How to compare date column with auto filled date templates?
  1. Here is the example for getting this week data - CREATEDTIME >= <from_thisweek> AND CREATEDTIME <= <to_thisweek>
    • <from_thisweek> - Starting date of this week
    • <to_thisweek> - Ending date of this week
  2. Available Date Templates
    • Today - <from_today> - <to_today>
    • This week - <from_thisweek> - <to_thisweek>
    • Last week - <from_lastweek> - <to_lastweek>
    • This month - <from_thismonth> - <to_thismonth>
    • Last month - <from_lastmonth> - <to_lastmonth>
    • This quarter - <from_thisquarter> - <to_thisquarter>
    • Last quarter - <from_lastquarter> - <to_lastquarter>
    • Yesterday - <from_yesterday> - <to_yesterday>
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