Query to show technician created time

Query to show technician created time


SELECT AaaUser.FIRST_NAME "Technician Name",
aci.emailid "Email ID",
LONGTODATE(AaaUser.createdtime)  "Technician Created Time",
SDUSER.STATUS "Status(Active/Inactive)" FROM AaaUser
inner JOIN HelpDeskCrew ON SDUser.USERID=HelpDeskCrew.TECHNICIANID
LEFT JOIN Queue_Technician qt on qt.TECHNICIANID=AaaUser.USER_ID
LEFT JOIN QueueDefinition qd ON qt.QUEUEID=qd.QUEUEID
left join aaausercontactinfo auci on auci.user_id = SDUser.userid
left join aaacontactinfo aci on aci.contactinfo_id = auci.contactinfo_id
LEFT JOIN aaaaccount aaa on aaa.login_id=AaaLogin .login_id 
WHERE (SDUser.STATUS = 'ACTIVE') group by AaaUser.FIRST_NAME, aci.emailid, sduser.status,  AaaUser.createdtime

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