Query to show solution details with approver and associated requests

Query to show solution details with approver and associated requests


SELECT solution.solutionid "Solution ID" ,

Ad.org_name "Account",

max(Solution.TITLE) "Solution Title",

max(au.first_name) "Solution Approver",

max(KB_Topics.TOPICNAME) "Solution Topic",

max(Solution_Keywords.keyword) "Keywords",

max(owner.FIRST_NAME) "Solution Owner",

LONGTODATE(max(solutioninfo.review_date)) "Review Date",

LONGTODATE(max(solutioninfo.expiry_date)) "Expiry Date",

max(sch.comments) "Comments",

max(case when solutioninfo.ispublic='1' then 'Public' else 'Private' end) "Publish to Self Service Portal",

max(Creator.FIRST_NAME) "Created By",

Max(Updater.FIRST_NAME) "Last Updated By",

max(Sol_StatusDefinition.STATUSNAME) "Status",

max(solutioninfo.noofhits) "Views",

longtodate(max(SolutionInfo.CREATEDTIME)) "Created On",

longtodate(max(SolutionInfo.LASTUPDATEDTIME)) "Last Updated On",

Max(sch.operation) "History (Last Operation)",

LONGTODATE(max(sch.updatedtime)) "History (Updated Time)",

max(aau.first_name) "History (Updated By)",

STUFF((SELECT ','+ cast(str.requestid as varchar) + char(10)   FROM  solutiontorequest str

where solution.solutionid=str.solutionid FOR XML PATH ('')), 1, 1, '') "Requests" FROM Solution



LEFT JOIN AaaUser Updater ON SolutionInfo.LASTUPDATEDBY=Updater.USER_ID

LEFT JOIN AaaUser Creator ON SolutionInfo.CREATEDBY=Creator.USER_ID

LEFT JOIN Solution_Keywords ON Solution.SOLUTIONID=Solution_Keywords.SOLUTIONID

LEFT JOIN Sol_StatusDefinition ON Solution.STATUSID=Sol_StatusDefinition.STATUSID

LEFT JOIN Sol_commenthistory sch ON Solution.solutionid=Sch.solutionid

LEFT JOIN aaauser aau On sch.updatedby=aau.user_id

LEFT JOIN sduser on solutioninfo.createdby=sduser.userid

LEFT JOIN solutionownerdefinition solown ON solown.solutionid=solution.solutionid

LEFT JOIN aaauser owner on owner.user_id=solown.ownerid
LEFT JOIN solutionugmapping sum ON solutioninfo.solutionid=sum.solutionid
LEFT JOIN Usergroups ug ON sum.usergroupid=ug.id
LEFT JOIN Usergroupsaccmapping ugam ON ug.id=ugam.usergroupid
LEFT JOIN AccountDefinition ad ON ugam.accountid=ad.org_id
LEFT JOIN Solution_Approvers sa ON solution.solutionid=sa.solutionid
LEFT JOIN Aaauser au ON sch.UPDATEDBY=au.user_id
GROUP BY solution.solutionid, au.FIRST_NAME, Ugam.ACCOUNTID,  ad.ORG_NAME ORDER BY 2

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