Query to show Software license details with additional fields, allocated workstations and its users with email address

Query to show Software license details with additional fields, allocated workstations and its users with email address


SELECT resources.resourcename "License Name", Max(softwarelist.softwarename) "Managed Software", slt.licensetype "License Type", Max(softwarelicenses.licensekey) "License Key", softwarelicenses.installationscount "No of CALs", MAX(swmfg.NAME) "Manufacturer",  sdorganization.name "Site", softwarelicenses.allocated "Allocated", slf.UDF_CHAR1 "Entity", slf.UDF_CHAR2 "Location", SystemInfo.WORKSTATIONNAME "Workstation", MAX(aaaUser.FIRST_NAME) AS "User", aaacontact.EMAILID AS "E-Mail" FROM softwarelist LEFT JOIN softwareinfo ON softwarelist.softwareid = softwareinfo.softwareid LEFT JOIN swinstallationkeyinfo ON softwareinfo.softwareinfoid = swinstallationkeyinfo.softwareinfoid LEFT JOIN componentdefinitionsoftware ON softwarelist.softwareid = componentdefinitionsoftware.softwareid LEFT JOIN resources ON componentdefinitionsoftware.componentid = resources.componentid LEFT JOIN softwarelicenses ON resources.resourceid = softwarelicenses.resourceid LEFT join RESOURCELOCATION on softwarelicenses.RESOURCEID=RESOURCELOCATION.RESOURCEID LEFT JOIN sitedefinition on RESOURCELOCATION.siteid=sitedefinition.siteid left join sdorganization on sitedefinition.siteid=sdorganization.org_id LEFT JOIN SoftwareManufacturer swmfg ON SoftwareList.SWMANUFACTURERID=swmfg.SWMANUFACTURERID LEFT JOIN Softwarelicensetypes slt ON softwarelicenses.licensetypeid=slt.licensetypeid LEFT JOIN Systeminfo ON SoftwareInfo.WORKSTATIONID=SystemInfo.WORKSTATIONID LEFT JOIN Resources resource ON Systeminfo.WORKSTATIONID=resource.RESOURCEID LEFT JOIN ResourceOwner rOwner ON resource.RESOURCEID=rOwner.RESOURCEID LEFT JOIN ResourceAssociation rToAsset ON rOwner.RESOURCEOWNERID=rToAsset.RESOURCEOWNERID LEFT JOIN SDUser sdUser ON rOwner.USERID=sdUser.USERID LEFT JOIN AaaUser aaaUser ON sdUser.USERID=aaaUser.USER_ID LEFT JOIN AaaUserContactInfo aaausercontact ON aaauser.USER_ID=aaausercontact.USER_ID LEFT JOIN AaaContactInfo aaacontact ON aaausercontact.CONTACTINFO_ID=aaacontact.CONTACTINFO_ID LEFT JOIN ci ci1 ON ci1.ciid=sdUser.ciid LEFT JOIN baseelement be1 ON be1.ciid=ci1.ciid LEFT JOIN people p1 ON p1.ciid=be1.ciid
LEFT JOIN requester ON requester.ciid=p1.ciid LEFT JOIN softwarelicense_fields slf ON softwarelicenses.resourceid=slf.licenseid GROUP BY resources.resourcename,sdorganization.name, slt.licensetype, softwarelicenses.allocated, softwarelicenses.installationscount, aaacontact.EMAILID, SystemInfo.WORKSTATIONNAME, slf.UDF_CHAR1, slf.UDF_CHAR2 ORDER BY 1

Note: Additional fields have been added considering the 1st two fields with single line text fields. You may also modify the alias names present here as per your requirement.
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