Query to show requesters who are service and PO approvers

Query to show requesters who are service and PO approvers


select ad.org_name "Account Name", sdo.name "Site Name", au.first_name "First Name", aci.emailid "Email ID",aci.landline "Telephone", aci.mobile "Mobile",po.approverstatus "Purchase Request Approver", sr.approverstatus "Service Request Approver" from aaauser au 
inner join sduser sdu on au.user_id = sdu.userid 
inner join requester r on r.ciid = sdu.ciid 
inner join ci ci on ci.ciid = r.ciid 
left join sdorganization sdo on ci.siteid = sdo.org_id 
left join accountsitemapping asm on sdo.org_id=asm.siteid 
left join accountdefinition ad on ad.org_id=asm.accountid 
left join aaausercontactinfo auci on auci.user_id = sdu.userid 
left join aaacontactinfo aci on aci.contactinfo_id = auci.contactinfo_id
left join sduserprofile sduprof on sduprof.userid=sdu.userid
left join POApproverDetails po on po.approver=au.user_id
left join SRApproverDetails sr on sr.APPROVER=au.USER_ID where sdu.status='ACTIVE' AND sr.APPROVERSTATUS='True' or po.APPROVERSTATUS='True' group by 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 ORDER BY 1

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