Query to show list of softwares with last scanned date and license key

Query to show list of softwares with last scanned date and license key

select systeminfo.workstationname "Workstation Name",
SoftwareList.SOFTWARENAME "Software Name",
LONGTODATE(SoftwareInfo.filecreatedtime) "Software Installed Date",
LONGTODATE(audithistory.audittime) "Last Scanned Date" ,
sink.productkey "Scanned License Key"
from audithistory
left join systeminfo on systeminfo.workstationid=audithistory.workstationid
LEFT JOIN SoftwareList ON SoftwareInfo.SOFTWAREID=SoftwareList.SOFTWAREID 
LEFT JOIN SWinstallationkeyinfo sink ON SoftwareInfo.SoftwareInfoid=sink.SoftwareInfoid
where audithistory.auditstatus='SUCCESS'
and audithistory.auditid in (Select max(audithistory.auditid) from audithistory group by workstationid) ORDER BY 1
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