Query to show last comments added in Projects task_MSSQL

Query to show last comments added in Projects task_MSSQL

SELECT taskdet.TASKID AS "Task ID",

taskdet.TITLE AS "Title",

taskowner.FIRST_NAME AS "Owner",

taskcreatedby.FIRST_NAME AS "Created By",

taskstatus.STATUSNAME AS "Task Status",

taskdesc.DESCRIPTION AS "Description",

longtodate(projectdet.SCHEDULEDSTARTTIME) "Project Schedule start",

longtodate(projectdet.SCHEDULEDENDTIME) "Project Schedule end",

longtodate(projectdet.ACTUALSTARTTIME) "Project Actual start",

longtodate(projectdet.ACTUALENDTIME) "Project Actual end",

taskdet.PER_OF_COMPLETION "Task Percentage Of Completion",

MAX(c.comment) "Comments" FROM TaskDetails taskdet
LEFT JOIN TaskToProjects projtotaskdet ON taskdet.TASKID=projtotaskdet.TASKID
LEFT JOIN ProjectDetails projectdet ON projtotaskdet.PROJECTID=projectdet.PROJECTID
LEFT JOIN TaskToProjects miletotaskdet ON taskdet.TASKID=miletotaskdet.TASKID
LEFT JOIN MileStoneDetails md ON miletotaskdet.MILESTONEID=md.MILESTONEID
LEFT JOIN SDUser projectownerdet ON projectdet.OWNERID=projectownerdet.USERID

LEFT JOIN AaaUser taskcreatedby ON taskdet.CREATEDBY=taskcreatedby.USER_ID

LEFT JOIN SDUser taskownersdu ON taskdet.OWNERID=taskownersdu.USERID

LEFT JOIN AaaUser taskowner ON taskownersdu.USERID=taskowner.USER_ID

LEFT JOIN StatusDefinition taskstatus ON taskdet.STATUSID=taskstatus.STATUSID

LEFT JOIN TaskDescription taskdesc ON taskdet.TASKID=taskdesc.TASKID

LEFT JOIN TaskToComment tskc ON tskc.taskid = taskdet.taskid

LEFT JOIN Comments c ON tskc.commentid=c.commentid
where c.commentid= (select MAX(TaskToComment.commentid) from TaskToComment ) or tskc .taskid is null
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