Query to show Field and Form rules of each template

Query to show Field and Form rules of each template


SELECT rtf.templatename "Template Name",
 STUFF((SELECT ', '+ ad.org_name + char(10)   FROM  Accountdefinition ad LEFT JOIN Ruleaccountmapping ramp ON ramp.accountid=ad.org_id where rd.ruleid=ramp.ruleid FOR XML PATH ('')), 1, 1, '') 'Rule association' ,
rd.rulename "Rule Name",
rd.usertype "Applies To",
rd.formtype "Rule Execution",
ry.ruletype "Event",
rd.jscode "Script",
rff.fieldname "Condition (Criteria)",
rcm.condition_string "Condition (logic)",
rat.actionname "Action name",
rffa.fieldname "Action field name"
 FROM ruledata rd
LEFT JOIN RuleEventTypes ry ON ry.ruletypeid=rd.ruletypeid
INNER JOIN requesttemplate_list rtf ON rtf.templateid=rd.templateid
LEFT JOIN Rulecriteriamap rcm ON rd.ruleid=rcm.ruleid
LEFT JOIN RuleFormField rff ON rcm.fieldid=rff.fieldid
LEFT JOIN Rulecriteriafieldvalues rcfv ON rcm.rulecriteriaid=rcfv.rulecriteriaid
LEFT JOIN Ruleactionsmap ram ON rd.ruleid=ram.ruleid 
LEFT JOIN Ruleactionfieldsmap rafm ON ram.ruleactionid=rafm.ruleactionid
LEFT JOIN Ruleactiontypes rat ON ram.ruleactiontypeid=rat.ruleactiontypeid 
LEFT JOIN Ruleformfield rffa ON rafm.fieldid=rffa.fieldid ORDER by 1‚Äč

NOTE: Please note, the below 2 highlighted field values cannot be shown in the query because it will show only the respective IDs of it (Example: Open status shows as 1 and not as OPEN). Other then these 2 fields, all other fields are included.

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