Query to show account additional fields _ Details required

Query to show account additional fields _ Details required

We Need to know whether that is a common account additional fields or add attribute under individual account.
So please send us the following screenshots.
1. Admin-> Account additional fields list view page.
2. Accounts->Edit account and show the additional field added.
Also, send us the output of the following queries after executing one after the other under Reports->New Query report.
Select * from Accountci 
Select * from Accountdefinition

Sample  Query:

SELECT ad.ORG_NAME AS "Account", wo.WORKORDERID AS "Request ID", rctd.FIRST_NAME AS "Time Spent Technician", LONGTODATE(ct.TS_STARTTIME) AS "Time Spent Starttime", ct.DESCRIPTION AS "Time Spent Description",
CAST(ct.TIMESPENT AS FLOAT)/1000/3600 "TimeSpent", ct.TOTAL_CHARGE AS "Time Spent Total_Charge", attribute_303 "Customer Billing Cycle" FROM WorkOrder wo LEFT JOIN WorkOrderToCharge wotoc ON wo.WORKORDERID=wotoc.WORKORDERID LEFT JOIN ChargesTable ct ON wotoc.CHARGEID=ct.CHARGEID LEFT JOIN WorkOrderStates wos ON wo.WORKORDERID=wos.WORKORDERID LEFT JOIN StatusDefinition std ON wos.STATUSID=std.STATUSID INNER JOIN AccountSiteMapping asm ON wo.SITEID=asm.SITEID LEFT JOIN SDUser rcti ON ct.TECHNICIANID=rcti.USERID LEFT JOIN AaaUser rctd ON rcti.USERID=rctd.USER_ID INNER JOIN AccountDefinition ad ON asm.ACCOUNTID=ad.ORG_ID inner join accountcontract ac on ac.accountid = asm.accountid  left join billhistory bh on ac.contractid=bh.contractid left join serviceplan sp ON ac.serviceplanid=sp.serviceplanid left join billcycle bc ON ac.contractid=bc.contractid left join ci on ci.ciid=ad.ciid left join baseelement be on be.ciid=ci.ciid LEFT JOIN Accountci aci ON  be.ciid=aci.ciid WHERE wo.ISPARENT='1'  AND std.STATUSNAME = 'Closed' AND sp.serviceplanname='Time & Materials'  AND wo.completedtime>=<from_lastmonth> and wo.completedtime<=<to_lastmonth>  group by Ad.ORG_NAME, wo.WORKORDERID, rctd.FIRST_NAME, ct.TS_STARTTIME, ct.DESCRIPTION , ct.TOTAL_CHARGE, attribute_303, ct.TimeSpent ORDER BY 2 ASC‚Äč

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