Query to show when Onhold was placed for a request

Query to show when Onhold was placed for a request


SELECT wo.WORKORDERID AS "Request ID", sdo.NAME AS "Site", cd.CATEGORYNAME AS "Category", longtodate(wo.CREATEDTIME) AS "Created Time", std.STATUSNAME AS "Current Request Status", longtodate(wo.COMPLETEDTIME) AS "Completed Time", (MAX((wsi.TIMESPENT/60)||':'||((wsi.TIMESPENT))%60)) "Total Time Elapsed in HH:MM", aau1.FIRST_NAME PERFORMEDBY,
LONGTODATE(OPERATIONTIME) "On Hold set time",std1.STATUSNAME "Status Changed From",std2.STATUSNAME "Status Changed To" FROM WorkOrder wo LEFT JOIN SiteDefinition siteDef ON wo.SITEID=siteDef.SITEID LEFT JOIN SDOrganization sdo ON siteDef.SITEID=sdo.ORG_ID LEFT JOIN WorkOrderStates wos ON wo.WORKORDERID=wos.WORKORDERID LEFT JOIN CategoryDefinition cd ON wos.CATEGORYID=cd.CATEGORYID LEFT JOIN StatusDefinition std ON wos.STATUSID=std.STATUSID LEFT JOIN WorkOrder_Fields wof ON wo.WORKORDERID=wof.WORKORDERID LEFT JOIN WorkOrderHistory woh ON wo.WORKORDERID = woh.WORKORDERID
LEFT JOIN WorkOrderHistoryDiff wohd ON woh.HISTORYID = wohd.HISTORYID
left join StatusDefinition std1 on cast(cast(wohd.prev_value as varchar) as int) =std1.STATUSID
left join StatusDefinition std2 on cast(cast(wohd.current_value as varchar) as int) =std2.STATUSID LEFT JOIN wo_assessment woa ON wo.workorderid=woa.workorderid
INNER JOIN wo_status_info wsi ON woa.assessmentid=wsi.assessmentid
where wohd.COLUMNNAME in ('STATUSID') and std2.STATUSNAME='onhold' and wo.createdtime >= CAST(EXTRACT(EPOCH FROM TIMESTAMP '2020-01-01 00:00:00') * 1000 AS BIGINT)  AND  wo.createdtime <= CAST(EXTRACT(EPOCH FROM TIMESTAMP '2020-07-31 00:00:00') * 1000 AS BIGINT) GROUP by 1,2,3,5,8,9,10,11 order by 1,OPERATIONTIME desc
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