Query to show Asset details with Warranty Expiry Date

Query to show Asset details with Warranty Expiry Date

SELECT productType.COMPONENTTYPENAME AS "Product Type", resource.RESOURCENAME AS "Asset Name", product.COMPONENTNAME AS "Product", productType.COMPONENTTYPENAME AS "Product Type", state.DISPLAYSTATE AS "Asset State", rtype.TYPE AS "Asset Type", aao.NAME AS "Vendor Name", LONGTODATE(resource.EXPIRYDATE) AS "Expiry Date",LONGTODATE(resource.warrantyexpiry) "Warranty Expiry Date", resource.SERIALNO AS "Org Serial Number" FROM Resources resource LEFT JOIN ComponentDefinition product ON resource.COMPONENTID=product.COMPONENTID LEFT JOIN ComponentType productType ON product.COMPONENTTYPEID=productType.COMPONENTTYPEID LEFT JOIN ResourceType rtype ON productType.RESOURCETYPEID=rtype.RESOURCETYPEID LEFT JOIN VendorDefinition resourceVendor ON resource.VENDORID=resourceVendor.VENDORID LEFT JOIN SDOrganization aao ON resourceVendor.VENDORID=aao.ORG_ID LEFT JOIN ResourceState state ON resource.RESOURCESTATEID=state.RESOURCESTATEID LEFT JOIN ResourceLocation resLocation ON resource.RESOURCEID=resLocation.RESOURCEID ORDER BY 1
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