Query to retrieve users login and logout history and find their current status

Query to retrieve users login and logout history and find their current status


To generate a report that contains the login and logout history of users and to determine the current user status.

TESTED IN: Builds 14503 (Postgres)


The following query provides the login and logout history of users.

SELECT au.first_name as "Technician",concat(au.FIRST_NAME,au.LAST_NAME) as "Full name", LONGTODATE(acs.OPENTIME) as "Login Time", 
LONGTODATE(acs.CLOSETIME) as "Logout Time" from 
aaauser au LEFT JOIN 
aaalogin al on au.USER_ID = al.USER_ID 
inner join aaaaccount ac on al.LOGIN_ID = ac.LOGIN_ID 
left join aaaaccsession acs on ac.ACCOUNT_ID = acs.ACCOUNT_ID


The following query can be used to generate the current status of users along with the time of status change. Regularly scheduled reports can be compared to provide a clear analysis of user status changes.

SELECT au.first_name as "Technician",concat(au.FIRST_NAME,au.LAST_NAME) as "Full name",tsd.STATUSNAME as "Current Status",LONGTODATE(tcs.EXECUTEDTIME) AS "Status changed time" from  AaaAccount aaaacc INNER JOIN aaalogin aaal ON aaaacc.LOGIN_ID=aaal.LOGIN_ID  INNER JOIN aaauser au on au.user_id=aaal.user_id INNER JOIN TechnicianStatus tcs on aaal.USER_ID=tcs.TECHNICIANID  INNER JOIN techstatusdefinition tsd ON tcs.STATUS=tsd.STATUSID;

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