Query to list request IDs with Requester and Technician Employee ID

Query to list request IDs with Requester and Technician Employee ID

Sample Table 

Database : MSSQL


ti.FIRST_NAME AS "Technician",
td.employeeid "Tech Employee ID",
ti1.FIRST_NAME AS "Requester",
td1.employeeid "Req Employee ID"  FROM "WorkOrder" "wo"
LEFT JOIN "WorkOrderStates" "wos" ON "wo"."WORKORDERID"="wos"."WORKORDERID"
INNER JOIN "SDUser" "td" ON "wos"."OWNERID"="td"."USERID"
LEFT JOIN "AaaUser" "ti" ON "td"."USERID"="ti"."USER_ID"
LEFT JOIN "SDUser" "td1" ON "wo"."REQUESTERID"="td1"."USERID"
LEFT JOIN "AaaUser" "ti1" ON "td1"."USERID"="ti1"."USER_ID"

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