Query to know the User details,account,site based on email

Query to know the User details,account,site based on email

 select aaau.user_id,aaau.first_name,
 sdo.name "Site",
 adef.org_name "Account" from aaauser aaau 
 LEFT JOIN aaausercontactinfo aaauci ON aaauci.user_id=aaau.user_id 
 LEFT JOIN aaacontactinfo aaaci ON aaaci.contactinfo_id=aaauci.contactinfo_id 
 LEFT JOIN sduser sdu ON sdu.userid=aaau.user_id 
 LEFT JOIN UserDepartment userDept ON sdu.USERID=userDept.USERID 
 LEFT JOIN DepartmentDefinition deptTable ON userDept.DEPTID=deptTable.DEPTID 
 LEFT JOIN sitedefinition sdef ON sdef.siteid=deptTable.siteid 
 LEFT JOIN accountsitemapping asm ON asm.siteid=sdef.siteid 
 LEFT JOIN accountdefinition adef ON adef.org_id=asm.accountid 
 LEFT JOIN sdorganization sdo ON sdo.org_id=sdef.siteid where aaaci.emailid like '%santtech1@sdpmsp.com%'

PS : change the email present in the last as per your needs.

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