Query to get the asset details , mac address , last scanned, status alone with user details

Query to get the asset details , mac address , last scanned, status alone with user details

Query to get the asset details , mac address , last scanned, status alone with user details

SELECT Max(workstation.workstationname) "Asset Name",
       Max(workstation.servicetag)      "Service Tag",
       Max(resource.assettag)      "Asset Tag",
       MAX(nt.macaddress) "MAC Address",
       Max(aaauser.first_name)          "Assigned User",
       MAX(adef.org_name)               "Account",
       Max(aaov.NAME)                   "Site",
      LONGTODATE(audithistory.audittime) "Last Scanned Date" ,
    audithistory.auditstatus "Last Scan Status"
    FROM   systeminfo workstation
       LEFT JOIN resources resource
              ON workstation.workstationid = resource.resourceid
       LEFT JOIN resourcestate state
              ON resource.resourcestateid = state.resourcestateid
       LEFT JOIN resourceowner rOwner
              ON resource.resourceid = rOwner.resourceid
       LEFT JOIN resourceassociation rToAsset
              ON rOwner.resourceownerid = rToAsset.resourceownerid
       LEFT JOIN departmentdefinition deptDef
              ON rOwner.deptid = deptDef.deptid
       LEFT JOIN sduser sdUser
              ON rOwner.userid = sduser.userid
       LEFT JOIN aaauser aaaUser
              ON sduser.userid = aaauser.user_id
       LEFT JOIN resourcelocation resLocation
              ON resource.resourceid = resLocation.resourceid
       LEFT JOIN sitedefinition siteDef
              ON resLocation.siteid = siteDef.siteid
       LEFT JOIN sdorganization aaov
              ON siteDef.siteid = aaov.org_id
       LEFT JOIN accountsitemapping asm on asm.siteid=sitedef.siteid
       LEFT JOIN accountdefinition adef on adef.org_id=asm.accountid  
       LEFT JOIN osinfo osInfo
              ON workstation.workstationid = osinfo.workstationid
       INNER JOIN lastauditinfo
               ON workstation.workstationid = lastauditinfo.workstationid
   LEFT JOIN ProcessorInfo procInfo ON
        LEFT JOIN MemoryInfo memInfo ON workstation.WORKSTATIONID=memInfo.WORKSTATIONID
        left join harddiskinfo hd on workstation.WORKSTATIONID=hd.WORKSTATIONID
LEFT JOIN Networkinfo nt on nt.workstationid=workstation.workstationid
left join audithistory on workstation.workstationid=audithistory.workstationid
WHERE audithistory.auditid in (Select max(audithistory.auditid) from audithistory group by workstationid) AND adef.org_name='Sample Account'
GROUP  BY workstation.workstationid, audithistory.audittime, audithistory.auditstatus

PS : Replace Sample Account with needed account name

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