Query to get Requesters details for each account

Query to get Requesters details for each account


Execute the query under Reports->New Query Report and export it to the desired format.

select au.user_id "User Id", au.first_name "First Name", au.last_name "Last Name", sdu.isvipuser "VIP User", sdu.employeeid "Employee ID",sdu.jobtitle "Job Title",aci.emailid "Email ID",aci.landline "Telephone",aci.mobile "Mobile", sdo.name "Site Name", ad.org_name "Account Name",timedef.displayname "TimeZone" from aaauser au 
inner join sduser sdu on au.user_id = sdu.userid 
inner join requester r on r.ciid = sdu.ciid 
inner join ci ci on ci.ciid = r.ciid 
left join sdorganization sdo on ci.siteid = sdo.org_id 
left join accountsitemapping asm on sdo.org_id=asm.siteid 
left join accountdefinition ad on ad.org_id=asm.accountid 
left join aaausercontactinfo auci on auci.user_id = sdu.userid 
left join aaacontactinfo aci on aci.contactinfo_id = auci.contactinfo_id
left join sduserprofile sduprof on sduprof.userid=sdu.userid
left join timezonedefinition timedef on timedef.timezoneid=sduprof.timezoneid where sdu.status='ACTIVE' and asm.accountid in ($Account);

Note: To get account specific results, please select the account from the drop down above in the query reports page.

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