Query to find out who created Accounts

Query to find out who created Accounts

Execute the below queries under  Reports->New  Query Report.

select org_id, org_name from accountdefinition ad where ad.org_name in('Requester Name', 'Palanivel Palras','Muhammad Nadeem Khan')

Note down the Org_IDs of the above query from the result and replace the ID in the below query.

SELECT err.message "System log message", err.errormodule "Module", err.suberrormodule "Sub Module", err.action "Action", err.type "Type", case when au.first_name is null then 'System' Else au.first_name end "Performed by", longtodate(err.occurredtime) "Time of occurrence" FROM errorlog err LEFT JOIN aaauser au ON err.ownerid=au.user_id WHERE
err.action like '%Add%' and err.errormodule like '%Account%' AND err.message like '%3301%'

NOTE: Replace the IDs one by one and execute the above query separately to know who created these accounts from the Performed By field.

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