Query to find asset history

Query to find asset history

Use Case 

The below will provide a report on the updates made on an asset 


select resources.resourcename as "Asset Name" ,auditoperation.operationstring as "Operation Performed", cihistorydetails.attribute as "Altered Attribute",cihistorydetails.oldvalue as "Old value", cihistorydetails.newvalue as "New Value",  longtodate(cihistory.operationtime) as "Time of operation",ci2.ciname as "Technician" from resources inner join componentdefinition on resources.componentid=componentdefinition.componentid inner join componenttype on componentdefinition.componenttypeid=componenttype.componenttypeid inner join resourcetype on componenttype.resourcetypeid=resourcetype.resourcetypeid inner join ci on resources.ciid=ci.ciid inner join cihistory on ci.ciid=cihistory.ciid inner join cihistorydetails on cihistory.historyid=cihistorydetails.historyid inner join auditoperation on cihistorydetails.operation=auditoperation.operation inner join sduser on cihistory.userid=sduser.userid inner join ci as "ci2" on sduser.ciid=ci2.ciid inner join citype on ci2.citypeid=citype.typeid where (resourcetype.type='Asset' and citype.typename='Technician')
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