Query to list users details with account and subaccount

Query to list users details with account and subaccount

How to run the report 

Copy the below query, go to Reports >> New Query Report >> Paste the query and click on run report. 


MSSQL and Postgres


SELECT org.NAME AS "Account Name",
adef.org_name "Sub Account",
sduser.FIRSTNAME AS "First Name", 
sduser.LASTNAME AS "Last Name",
ucinfo.MOBILE AS "Contact Mobile" FROM PortalUsers ptu 
LEFT JOIN SDUser sduser ON ptu.USERID=sduser.USERID 
left join aaausercontactinfo aci on sduser.USERID=aci.user_id 
left join UserAdditionalFields uaf on sduser.userid=uaf.INSTANCE_ID  
LEFT JOIN AaaUser aaauser ON sduser.USERID=aaauser.USER_ID 
LEFT JOIN aaaUserContactInfo user_contact ON aaauser.USER_ID=user_contact.USER_ID 
LEFT JOIN AaaContactInfo ucinfo ON user_contact.CONTACTINFO_ID=ucinfo.CONTACTINFO_ID 
LEFT JOIN RequesterAccountMapping reqaccmapping ON aaauser.USER_ID=reqaccmapping.USERID 
LEFT JOIN SDOrganization org ON reqaccmapping.ACCOUNTID=org.ORG_ID 
left join accountdefinition adef ON reqaccmapping.subaccountid=adef.ORG_ID 
order by 2

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