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Presales EU

Hi ,

I'm happy you considered ADSelfService Plus for your password self-service needs. I am sure it would meet your expectations during this evaluation and thereafter.

My name is Shinoth. I will be your technical support and guide during your ADSelfService Plus evaluation.

ADSelfService Plus is available in two versions:
1) ADSelfService Plus Professional edition.
2) ADSelfService Plus Standard edition.

Below are the features not available on the Standard edition of the application:

* ADSelfService Plus GINA/Credential Provider: ADSelfService Plus GINA/CP is a client side self-service application that provides an ability for end-users to reset their own password or to unlock their own account without the involvement of Administrator or any help desk technicians. It is done through a simplified, web based portal and it is integrated with the CTRL+ALT+DEL screen (simply known as CAD screen or winlogon screen).

GINA (supported in Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows XP):
CP (supported in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2):

* External MSSQL database support: You can configure the existing MS-SQL database from your organization to save the ADSelfService Plus configuration and security questions and answers, instead of the default MySQL database.

Below are the features available on both Professional and Standard edition of the application:

* Self Reset Password: Ability to allow the domain end-users to self reset their password after answering the challenge questions based on the domain password policy.

* Self Account Unlock: Ability to allow the domain end-users to unlock their locked-out account after answering the challenge questions based on the domain password policy.

* Self Update: Ability to allow the domain end-users to self update their personal information and save it in active directory (e.g. allow only the users to update their mobile number using the web portal).

* Change Password: The users can change their current domain logon password after providing their old password.

* Password expiry notification: It will notify the domain end users via email before their password or account is going to expire.

* Password Synchronizer: Unified self-service identity management with support for Google Apps, Office 365 / Azure, Salesforce, Oracle E-business suite, Oracle DB and more.

* Self-Service Mail Group Subscription: To allow users to subscribe to or unsubscribe from mail groups of their choice.

* Employee Directory Search: A fast and efficient employee search engine for Windows Active Directory, which integrates easily with intranet or any web portal.

You could download the 30 Days evaluation copy from the link below.

You could access the evaluators guide and other support documents from the link below.

Also, if you'd like, I shall give you a demonstration of the product so that you can understand it completely and see how it would help your organization.


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