Prerequisites for upgrading Applications Manager for the version above 14844

Prerequisites for upgrading Applications Manager for the version above 14844

1.Complete the Applications Manager backup for the installation folder & database by referring to the steps in the link below:
2. The required Service Pack should be downloaded and you can get in touch with the Applications Manager support to know the stable version details. 

3. The user who has installed the Applications Manager and the user invoking the or updateManager.bat should be the same and this can be verified from the StartUpLogs_out file present in Appmanager_Home\logs = ANANTH-6175$

4. We will need sufficient downtime for the product during the upgrade (For PGSQL upgrade - Based on the DB size the time varies if you need approximate time you can share the pgsql directory size which is present in AppManager_Home\working\pgsql

5. Perform the DB Maintenance for PGSQL as per the instructions mentioned in the link below:

6. Sufficient free disk space is mandatory, available disk space must be 1.25 times the pgsql folder size.

Note - Point number 5 consumes a minimum of an hour which completely depends on the size of the database hence plan the downtime accordingly for production grade systems. If required you can complete that 5th step 1 or 2 days prior to the planned upgrade day so that you can reduce some downtime. 

After completing all the prerequisites if you have face any challenges during the upgrade you can get in touch with our support team ( for assistance during the upgrade.
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