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            • OpManager stops after the user logs off

              Issue :  If the OpManager Service runs on a service account (This Account). It will NOT allow you to keep the Wrapper running after the user mentioned (This Account) logs off. It happens only in Windows 2003 R2. Solution :   Change the Service ...
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            • Database information in OpManager

              Question: Where can I find my OpManager database  information? Solution:  OpManager database information is stored  in the file "database_params.conf"  under OpManager/conf folder. The database server name/IP , database name, database type   and user ...
            • Vulnerabilities in OpManager 12.0

              VULNERABILITY DETAILS(found in build 12000) Vulnerability 1: Unrestricted File Upload:  OpManager fails to validate or improperly validates files before uploading to the system. As a result an attacker might be able to upload arbitrary JSP file and ...