Prerequisites for monitoring Cron jobs

Prerequisites for monitoring Cron jobs

Below is the list of prerequisites for monitoring Cron jobs:

  1. Curl must be installed in the remote Linux machine. 
  2. Script linked to the cron job must have executable permission.
  3. The machine where Applications Manager is installed should be reachable from the remote Linux machine via SSL port without any proxy server.
  4. The remote machine where the cron job is running must be synced with the correct time zone.
  5. Cron job interval should be a minimum of five minutes.
  6. Cron job uses HTTPs protocol to send responses to the machine where Applications Manager is installed and is validated using the admin user's Rest API key. If the admin user's API key is regenerated, then update the latest API key for all the cron job(s) on the remote Linux machine using the crontab -e command.
  7. Linux cron is supported only in SSH and TELNET mode of monitoring.

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