Ports and Mac Address mapping not working for Cisco Switches configured with SNMP v3

Ports and Mac Address mapping not working for Cisco Switches configured with SNMP v3

In OpUtils Switch Port Mapper, we use SNMP to get the Ports & MAC Address details. However, If Cisco Switches are configured with SNMP V3 then we would not be able to get the Ports and Mac address details using the normal SNMP query because the SNMP v3 in Cisco does not support without vlan -match prefix command enabled for SNMP-server.

In case of Cisco Switches added using SNMP v3  credentials and does not show the Mac address details in the Switch port mapper then follow the below steps to get the mac details in SPM.

This single command creates multiple context name for its all vlan ids.
1. Execute below command (modify as switch configuration) in the cisco switch. Change the type to auth or priv based on the security level used.

      snmp-server group yourGroupName v3 auth context vlan- match prefix read ViewName

Then execute below command also for include mibs. (Ignore if the commands are already configured).

      snmp-server view ViewName iso included 

      snmp-server view ViewName mib-2 included 

      snmp-server view ViewName cisco included

      write memory (to make sure the configuration is saved). 

2. Create new file CiscoSwitches.properties under OpManager/conf directory

3. Add entry into CiscoSwitches.properties file like switch name=vlan

(Ex: Replace the appropriate switch name that is under question. 

4. Stop the OpManager service.

5. Rename the logs folder located under OpManager/ directory and create a new folder as logs under OpManager/ directory.

6. Start the OpManager service

7. Then re-scan the switches from  Inventory-->IP Management-->Switches and let update us the status.

Please refer the below link for further clarification about this configuration given by Cisco.

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