Out of storage. Mails not fetched

Out of storage. Mails not fetched

Note: This article is to users who have configured Exchange Online (Office365/Microsoft365) mailbox in the Incoming Settings of SDP

Why this error?

      In Office365 mailbox, when mails are Soft Deleted by SDP, those mails are moved to Recoverable Items folder. This folder has a storage capacity of 30GB by default. It can be increased to 100GB by following few steps. Learn more about this here.
      User can use the below Powershell commands to know the current storage of the Recoverable Items folder

1. Connect to ExchangeOnline using Admin account
Connect-ExchangeOnline -UserPrincipalName <admin_account_login_name>
2. Get the Recoverable Items folder size
Get-EXOMailboxFolderStatistics -Identity "<helpdesk_mailbox_email>" -FolderScope RecoverableItems | Format-Table Name, FolderPath, ItemsInFolder, FolderAndSubfolderSize

Recoverable Items folder is exceeded the default 30GB limit
      If the folder is out of storage quota, mails can't be deleted by SDP and the processed mails stays in the Inbox folder. So, new mails aren't fetched into SDP and user can find mails getting accumulated in the Inbox due to this.

How technicians are notified on this?

      Once the recoverable folder is out of quota, technicians will be notified as follows
      1. On navigating to Incoming settings page, the below error message will be displayed.

      2. SDAdmins of the portal will be notified through Technician Space (Bell notification)

      3. Technicians configured under Application Error notification rule will be notified through an e-mail as below

      Technician space and email notification will be repeated every 30 mins till user clears the Recoverable Items folder of the configured mailbox.

How to resolve this ?

      Since, this is a limitation in the configured mailbox, the Technician should reach their internal mail team once they receive this notification. Their internal team can help them resolve this. Till then, mail fetching schedule in SDP will not be stopped. Once the folder is freed, mails will automatically be fetched by SDP.

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