OpManager IPhone App

OpManager IPhone App

OpManager's iPhone app allows you to monitor the performance of your IT on the move.

Basically this Iphone app needs connectivity to the network where OpManager server is installed. If the User is within the same network, There will be no issues in accessing the app but if he tries to access the app outside the OpManager's network then he might need to connect to OpManager's network via VPN and then access the app as usual.

Following are the information that you can access via the app:
  • Alarms
  • Performance of a device
  • List of devices that are down
  • Health of overall IT infrastructure
As long as you have VPN connection to the server, You can access the app. Once the VPN connection disconnects you no longer have access to OpManager's network or to the server, But still User gets all the new alarms in the app as "push notifications".

Oh, What! Really! How come I see the new alarms in the app when there is no VPN or any other direct connection between My Phone and OpManager's network ? Here is the trick,

1) OpManager server sends push notifications to Apple server(provided the server has access to internet).
2) Apple server pushes the notifications to the correct app.

So, Its enough if OpManager server and Iphone in which app installed are connected to internet. Also, No need to login to OpManager server inside the app. This recent update bring much more meaning and usage to IPhone app.

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