Old Solution Link update

Old Solution Link update

After migrating 14200 build our old solution link format is not accessible, in this situation one of our customer referred more number of old solution links in some solutions description, in this scenario we need to update the old format link to new format that's only referred solution links can be accessible. 

For this customer we have to give a debug servlet fjar and solve this problem 

Kindly take a trimmed backup and follow the steps below 

step 1 : Down your application

step 2 : Extract the below attached 8653515_oldSolLinkFix.zip this zip file contains 8653515_oldSolLinkFix.fjar use this .fjar and follow below steps.

step 3 : Paste that fjar to <SDP_Home>/fixes folder

step 4 : Restart you application and login as admin

step 5 : Then access the below url (<localhost>/servlet/DebugServlet).

step 6 : After this take the screen shot of this page(<localhost>/servlet/DebugServlet)

step 7 : Check whether the solutions links are modified and accessible

Attached the fjar file as a zip below,

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