Notifications Sent with HTTP URL, despite of application being Secured

Notifications Sent with HTTP URL, despite of application being Secured

If the URL in notifications are sent with http protocol instead of https even though the application is secured. Then try the below solution. 

1. Stop the application

2. Go to <Drive>:\ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\Conf

3. Keep a backup of the file called "TrayIconInfo.xml"

4. Now edit the file and search for the Keyword "http".

5. You will find the below entries :

<SDP-PROPERTIES RequestScheme="http" WebPort="8080"/>
<!--SDP-PROPERTIES RequestScheme="https" WebPort="80" ipToBind=""/-->

6. Just add an extra "s" after http highlighted above and save the same.

7. Start the application.

This should solve the issue related with notifications missing https in the URL's

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