No data available under Cluster details tab in MS SQL monitor

No data available under Cluster details tab in MS SQL monitor

Run the Script:

From the Applications Manager server, go to <AppManager_Home>\working\conf\application\scripts\ in a command prompt and run the script wincluster.vbs

Usage: cscript wincluster.vbs <ClusterName> <UserName> <Password> 0

For Example : cscript wincluster.vbs servcluster1 domain\admin admin 0

Check the result of the script:

 If it returns the below result in the command prompt or logs contains below error ,

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  Error # Access is denied.

then do the below things
  • From your AppManager machine, please run the Wbemtest and connect to the Cluster using the namespace root\mscluster with the added credential and check if Wbemtest is successful.

  • For remote connection, replace root\mscluster with \\clusterIP or hostName\root\mscluster and check the Wbemtest connectivity. 

  • Also please make sure whether the user has the wmi privileges to access the data.

  • Once Wbemtest is connected click on the Query tab and execute the following wmi query in wbemtest and check whether you retrieve the data. 

  • select * from MSCluster_Resource

Note : Make sure via wbemtest if the namespace "root\mscluster" is accessible & all permissions are provided.


If the cscript returns the cluster details and it does not show in the UI.,then share the below things with us

  1.  Screenshot of Edit monitor page and Cluster Details Page
  2.  SIF files
  3. Share the csript result