Nginx FAQs

Nginx FAQs

1. Errors faced while adding an Nginx server :

  1.  Unable to connect to the host / port : 
    • This happens when AppManager is unable to connect to the Nginx server. Please check for the following :
      • Are the specified host name and port correct? 
      • Is the Nginx server up and running at the location specified?
      • Is the Nginx server accessible from the machine where AppManager is installed?
    • If the Nginx server is reachable, please contact support for further troubleshooting. 
  2. The request had bad syntax or was impossible to be satisfied : 
    • Check if SSL has been enabled. If yes, check if the "is SSL enabled" field has been enabled.
  3. Check the authentication details : 
    • This error occurs when the authentication credentials provided are either missing or incorrect.
    • To provide the authentication credentials, enable the "Is Authentication required" option in the monitor configurations page and provide the credentials. 

2. Upon adding the Nginx server, why am I  getting a "Please configure the stub status module in Nginx server conf file" warning message?
  • The stub status module needs to be activated for AppManager to monitor the Nginx server. 
  • To enable the module in the Nginx server, please do as follows :
    • Navigate to '<NGINX_HOME>/confand in the 'nginx.conf' file present there, add the following code snippet within the scope of the server : 
                              location /nginx_status {
                                stub_status on;
                                access_log   off;
                                allow all;
                                 # deny all;

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