MYSQL recovery

MYSQL recovery

To recover MYSQL DB which had failed to work recently, follow the steps below -
1 - Stop netflow analyzer service
2 - Make sure there are no mysqld-nt.exe or java.exe processes running.
3 - Navigate to %Netflow%\BIN and edit startDB.bat/sh with a wordpad/notepad
4 - Append the argument '--innodb_force_recovery=4'.
It should look like this -
@ echo off call "%~dp0\setcommonenv.bat" @start "MySQL" /B "%DB_HOME%\bin\mysqld-nt" --no-defaults --standalone --innodb_force_recovery=4 --basedir="%DB_HOME%" --port=%DB_PORT% --

5 - Run startDB.bat/sh and wait for 3-5minutes.
6 - Run stopDB.bat and ensure the mysqld-nt.exe terminates.
7 - Open startDB.bat and undo the changes made.
6 - Start the Netflow analyzer service.

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