Mssql custom port & custom instance issue: FWA

Mssql custom port & custom instance issue: FWA

The below fix has to be applied after ensuring the bcp files are copied and the native client is installed.

1. Go <HOME>\conf location, open database_params.conf file.

2. Add 'instanceName = <db instance Name>' parameter in the url.

            Default url --->  jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://fw-win2k8-1:1433/OpManagerDB

            Modified url -->  jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://fw-win2k8-1:1433/OpManagerDB;instanceName=SQLEXPRESS

3. Go to <HOME>\lib location, move FirewallService.jar to out of <HOME> folder.

4. Download the attached FirewallService.jar and save it under <HOME>\lib location.

5. Restart service , wait for few minutes and check the reports.
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