Moving OpManager from one server to another server without reinstalling OpManager

Moving OpManager from one server to another server without reinstalling OpManager

Question : How do I move OpManager from one server to another without reinstalling OpManager.

Solution:  It is easy to move OpManager from one Server to another just by copying  the complete OpManager folder and installing  the service.


1)Stop OpManager service
2)Copy the entire  OpManager folder from old Server and move it to the new server on required location
3)Go to new Server command prompt with Run as administrator Option
4)Change directory to   OpManager/bin  and execute " opmanagerservice.bat -i "
      Ex: C:\ManageEngine\OpManager\bin>OpManagerService.bat -i
     (The above command will install OpManager service )
5)Now you can go to Windows Services  (Go to run >  type Services.msc)  and your can find " ManageEngine OpManager service listed which
   should be used to Start and Stop OpManager.

Note : The above steps will work fine  if you are using MYSQL and PGSQL database , even it works   if you have OpManager with MSSQL OpManagerDB on a remote server provided the new OpManager server has access to the remote MSSQL server database. OpManager menus under All programs  will be missing in this type of migration every thing else  will be  working fine.

If you are using OpManager with bundled MSSQL Express R2  installed on the same server  and wants to move it to remote server , follow the steps below:

1)Make a backup of  OpManager database using MSSQL using SQL Management tool
2)Make a backup of  complete old OpManager folder
2)Download and install same build of  OpManager on the new server with MSSQL Express R2
   Download link:
3)Start OpManager service and make sure it starts fine
4)Stop OpManager service
6)Replace the complete OpManager folder with old OpManager folder backup.
5)Restore the MSSQL database using MSSQL backup taken  from old server using SQL Management tool
6)Start OpManager service.

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