Move database from one machine to another

Move database from one machine to another

Following is the procedure to migrate your ServiceDesk Plus – MSP database from one MSSQL to another.

Step 1: Stop ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus – MSP service.

Step 2: Take a backup of the existing data and configuration under MSSQL database.

From command prompt, go to [ServiceDesk Plus-Home]\bin directory and execute backUpData.bat command to start the data backup.

cmd> [ServiceDesk Plus Home]\bin

cmd> backUpData.bat

where, ServiceDesk Plus – MSP Home -> C:\ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP. This backup will be stored under the Backup folder in ServiceDesk Plus – MSP Home directory.

Step 3: Invoke ChangeDBServer.bat under [Service Desk-Home]\bin folder. [  Screenshot ]

Step 4: Provide the details of the new SQL server (i.e.) Host name, username and password and click Test, By doing this, we will be able to check the connectivity with the SQL server.
The message should say connection established as displayed above. Then click Save.

Step 5: Start and stop the ServiceDesk Plus – MSP server once.

NOTE: A database called ServiceDesk would be created in the SQL server.

Step 6: Now invoke restoreData.bat under [Service Desk-Home]\bin folder. The data should now be restored under your MSSQL server instance. Follow the on screen instructions to restore the latest backup data performed in step 2. [  Screenshot ]

Step 7: Start ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus – MSP service once the restore process is complete.
Factors to consider:

1. Please make sure that the connectivity does not get lost during the process.

2. Also, take a back up of the application.
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