Monitoring the Custom EventLog in OpManager

Monitoring the Custom EventLog in OpManager

Monitoring the Custom Eventlog in OpManager.

We already support monitoring the Custom Eventlogs in OpManager. 

The custom Eventlog that have multiple branches (for ex : Microsoft > Windows >TaskScheduler > Operational) doesn't report the errors to WMI class (Win32_NTLogEvent).

As OpManager relies on the WMI class "Win32_NTLogEvent" to monitor the eventlog, it is not possible to monitor the errors from these branches unless it reports to the class.

We thought it was a WMI limitation but it is actually possible. Create a key for the location in the registry. Follow the steps below to achieve this,

For ex : 

Go to the registry editor --> regedit.exe --> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\eventlog --> Right Click Eventlog and create a new key "microsoft-windows-taskscheduler/operational"

Now go to Admin --> Eventlog Rules --> Add Custom EventLog (trigger some errors on the respective branch and query the device to add the log for monitoring)

Note : It is not mandatory to restart remote server or OpManager service for this configuration.

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