Appending of notifications during communication between two helpdesk

Appending of notifications during communication between two helpdesk

Requirement: Merge the ticket creation notification from another application to the original ticket  in our Application

Workflow :

1. The requester sends a request by email to (example):
2. New ticket created 16614 in the MSP 1st instance
3.  Using custom trigger notification (if the request is created in the first application then the notification is sent to the second MSP application ) with the subject 

##RE-16614## New request / Attention - test request

4.  Their system (also SDP) automatically replies that a ticket has been opened with them and sends a notification from the address to our address with the header

##RE-16614## New request / Attention - test request [##2047##] New service request

Please follow the below steps :

1.Goto Admin > Developer space --> Custom Functions > Global function > New > Paste the content from the attachment  configuration.txt and save it with a name.

2.Update the URL and technician key in the script.   Refer to the attached screenshot.
Refer to the below link.

3.Go to Admin -->Developer space --> Custom Functions --> Request --> Paste the content from the attachment (3 MergeRequest) and save it with a name.

4. Modify the global function name in the script. Refer to the attached screenshot. 

5. Configure custom trigger as in the attached screenshot.

Note : Subject should be same as mentioned. ##RE-16614##

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