Zone Versioning in ManageEngine CloudDNS

Zone Versioning in ManageEngine CloudDNS

Zone Versioning in ManageEngine CloudDNS

With both Primary GeoDNS and Primary AXFR type of domains CloudDNS enables you store around ten previous versions of your mission- critical zone files. You can rollback to your previous configurations anytime by selecting and restoring the previous version of your choice.Each time you make a change in your zone files, whether small or big, ManageEngine CloudDNS counts it as a version of your zone.


To view the pervious versions:

Get inside the zone of your choice by clicking on the zone name, where you can spot the link Previous Version(s) in the top right corner as highlighted in red in the picture below



Clicking on previous versions, you can view the list of past configurations of the domain, along with the timestamp revealing the date and time they were last updated. These versions can be easily restored by clicking on the Restore button in the bottom left corner.

 On clicking Restore, the particular zone gets updated with the previous version of zone configurations successfully. 

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