Mail Server Troubleshooting

Mail Server Troubleshooting

Below are few common issues faced during Mail Server Settings Configuration which are beyond OpManager control.

1. Connection Issue: 
  1.   Time Out Issue.
  2.   Authentication required but not provided.
  3.   TLS may be required but not configured.
  4.   TLS might be configured but it is not needed.
  5.   TLS 1.2 Support.

2. Permission Issue:
  1. Relay Access denied.       
  2. Server IP Address not included in relay exception list.    
Click here for common exceptions and its troubleshooting related to above cases

If unable to troubleshoot, Please run the test program by following below steps to check connection between MailServer and OpManager Installed Server.

3. Network Issues where the connection may not be consistent.

Steps to troubleshoot the 'Configuration of Mail Server' in OpManager. 
  1. Recheck the Configuration Once.
  2. Extract the test program, update file of Mail Server Test Program with the reference to the screenshot of the Mail Server Settings, Save the file and zip the TestMailServer folder. 
  3. Give updated and the steps(provided below) to check if the mail server configuration sends email independent of OpManager. 
  4. If the test program works fine and in OpManager it doesn't work, then contact us with Mail Server Settings error screenshot and the zip of logs folder.
  5. If the test program does not respond, then the issue is not with OpManager and it should be handled by user at Network or Mail Server end . 

Mail Server Test Program:


            1. To test Mail server connection from OpManager installed server.
            2. Executing testMail script will connect to mail server and send the given number of test mails.
            3. OpManager path is given in argument is to use jre available there to run the test java program.
            4. Mail jar version : JavaMail 1.4.7.
            5. Mail configuration are given in file, each line will have a parameter and its value separated by equalTo (

1. Extract the in OpManager Installed Server. 
2.  Open the file using the text editor and update the below details as given in OpManager Mail Server Settings.
      2.1. Update the mail Servername/IP ( , port (mail.smtp.port) , from Email ID (fromAddress), to Email ID (toAddress).
      2.2.  If Mail Server requires authentication, give mail.smtp.auth=true, and update User Name (usrname) and Password (pwd).

       2.3.   If there is no authentication, mail.smtp.auth=false and use #  in front of usrname and pwd to comment the lines.    
     2.4. If TLS enabled, the lines under #tls should be uncommented and updated  mail servername/IP( and mail.smtp.starttls.enable=true
      2.5. If TLSv1.2 secure connection is required, uncomment line number 20 (remove # from line no.20)
      2.6. mail.smtp.timeout and mail.smtp.connectiontimeout are timeout related parameters, by default there will be no timeout restrictions. If timeout required uncomment  (remove ) both the lines and give timeout in Milliseconds.(EX: 30000)                          
3. Now save the file. Open the command prompt and execute the command 'testMail.bat' script file using the below command.
      3.1. testMail.bat / sh<OpManagerHome> <No.of Mails to be sent>
      3.2. Windows EX: testMail.bat C:\ManageEngine\OpManager 1                          
      3.3. Linux EX: C:\ManageEngine\OpManger 1
  4. Wait till the execution is complete. Mail Should sent to the given To Mail Address.
  5. If there is any exception or mail not received even then, share the below details for further analysis
  1. command prompt screenshot
  2. output.txt(under the extracted path)
  3. screenshot after masking the sensitive Information
  4. Screenshot of MailServerSettings entire page with the error message shown in UI
  5. SIF file (Support> Create SIF > Click on Generate Support Information File. Once generated, SIF File name will be displayed in UI, click on it to download) or Logs under Opmanager folder if  unable to fetch SIF 

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