Mail fetching issue

Mail fetching issue

If you are facing any issues with fetching emails into the application,  follow the steps listed below after logging into our service: 
  1. Goto Setup-->Mail Settings-->Mail Server Settings
  2. Click on Stop Fetching.
  3. Now click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.
  4. The details of the failure will be displayed in the error message.
Error: Problem connecting to mailbox.
There seems to be an error getting past your firewall and you might need to allow our IP addresses in your firewall. We use the following static IP to fetch the mails and you can configure your firewall to allow access only to this IP. You would need to allow the following IP addresses in your firewall to enable mail fetching in the application:

If you are using, please allow the following IP addresses:
If you are using, please allow the following IP addresses:

If you are using, please allow the following IP addresses:

If you are using, please allow the following IP addresses:

If you are using, please allow the following IP addresses:

Please refer the following document for configuring the mail server settings:

Error: Authentication Failed
We are not able to connect to your mail server using the specified credentials and you would need to double check the credentials mentioned or reset the password and update the same. If you have MFA enabled in your mailbox, please use app specific password.

Error: PKIX or SSL.
The SSL certificate present in your mail server seems to be Self-Signed certificate, please make sure there is a genuine SSL present for the selected port number.

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