Mail fetching - deleted flag issue

Mail fetching - deleted flag issue

This message will be thrown, when you have provided a shared mailbox. The concept here is, SDP MSP reads the mail from the configured mailbox and adds it as a request. During the time, if some other application fetches the mail from the same mailbox and if that deletes the mail, this error will be thrown and at times the mail fetching thread gets stopped even stating some issues in the mailbox level. 

To overcome this, you should use a dedicated Mailbox for our application.

A couple of other reasons are as follows : 

1. When we are unable to fetch/read the mail from the configured mailbox. It could be due to some restriction applied,
2. Mailbox connection lost in the middle when we read a mail which is huge
3. Some rule is applied at mailbox level and automatic forwarding those emails to another mailbox
4. Mail server is hung up due to performance issues
5. Mailbox is getting filled often (not enough space available in your mail box).
6.  Also please check the path where the email attachment is stored if it is not reachable. Under Admin >> Self Service Portal >> Check if the Path is set properly.

--> To overcome this, please monitor/check the mailbox and contact your mail server team for better handling or to fix the same.

In case the issue exists post fixing the above, please send the below details to analyze further.

- Zip the logs present under <SDPMSP> and send it to us.
- Also share the build number of the application
- Share the snapshot of the Mail server setting -> Incoming configuration - Whether you are using EWS or Exchange ?

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