Mail fetching_ Command is not valid in this state

Mail fetching_ Command is not valid in this state


Unable to fetch email when encrypted mode is enabled on POP in the mail server.

Error trace in logs:

javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: Command is not valid in this state.


Reset the password format on the exchange server to the Normal format. This can be done by running a query on the exchange server shell.

Follow the steps below to configure the POP service to use Plain Text Login:

1. Open Exchange Management Shell from Start -> Programs -> Microsoft Exchange 2007.

2. Enter the following In the shell,

set-POPsettings –logintype plaintextlogin

3. Press Enter.

4. From the Services panel restart the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service.

5. Restart SDP MSP application service and login.

6. Re-enter the password under Admin->mail server settings->Incoming and save. 

Now click start fetching, it should work fine.
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