Low Disk Issues on ServiceDeskPlus-MSP Server

Low Disk Issues on ServiceDeskPlus-MSP Server

In any IT organization, running business applications contribute to constant data growth on the application installed drive. Data management is much essential in the longer run, to avoid low disk space issues. 

Please be informed that the below mentioned will reduce the size only to a certain extent, and following the same may not have a huge difference in size. 

In ServiceDeskPlus-MSP, it primarily deals with Request management. The Requests can carry data such as inline images, file attachments, conversation, etc. ServiceDeskPlus-MSP stores these data in two different places, in the Installation directory, and the Database. It's not always that data need to be stored in the installation directory, at times of low disk space, certain data can be migrated to another drive or server. Let us see the data management in detail:

1. Database: ServiceDeskPlus-MSP is bundled with the default database ( Postgres ) which is located inside [ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\pgsql] folder. We have the choice to use external "MSSQL" and "PGSQL" databases.

2. File attachments: These gets stored in the default installation location [ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\fileAttachments], you can change the path to some other server directory or to a network drive. You can update the "file attachments" path under Admin tab > Self Service Portal Settings > Configure a path for saving the attachments:

Note: Once the " File attachments" path is updated to a new location, ServiceDeskPlus-MSP will automatically start migrating the attachments from the current location to the new location. 

3. Manual backup: Please delete the older backup files, there by keeping the recent ones. Backups gets stored in the default installation folder [ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\backup]. We can change the backup path to other directories. You can update the desired path in the backupdata.bat file available under ManageEngine\ServiceDesk\bin:

4. Scheduled Backup: To update the path for Scheduled Backup, please go to Admin > Backup Scheduling > Edit Scheduling and set the Backup Location as highlighted below: 


5. Patch folder: This folder contains the ppm files of all the service packs installed to date, [ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\Patch]. Patch folder can be renamed to Old_patch. Then you can move the Old_patch folder to another location. 

6. Wal_archive folder : Also, check the folder called wal_archive under <Drive>:/ManageEngine/ServiceDeskPlus MSP/pgsql/data.  If its huge in size please follow the steps:
6a. Stop the ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP services.
6b. Delete the "wal_archive" folder from the ManageEngine/ ServiceDeskPlus MSP/ pgsql/ data folder. 
NOTE: If you would like to prevent the issue from happening in the future. Please contact support.

7. Check for files called "Java_pid1234.hprof" under <Drive>:/ManageEngine/ServiceDeskPlus MSP/bin and delete the same

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