Logout Debug

Logout Debug

Fjars for Logout Debug

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                      • Random Logout fix (SD-113692)

                        Fix for 14202 to 14504: Download and place the logout_random_sd-113692_14202_14504.fjar in '<sdp>/fixes' folder Restart SDP service for the changes to take effect. To revert, undo the changes and restart SDP service.
                      • Random logout when accessing other ME application from same server

                        Issue: We cannot access two or more ManageEngine products installed on the same server with the same machine name. Root cause: For example, if you have installed ServiceDesk Plus and Password Manager Pro in same machine and if you access ServiceDesk ...
                      • Debug JAR for Exception Trace while updating Mail Server Details

                        FJAR Description :  Attached FJAR prints the DataAccessException trace, errorcode and errorstring. DataObject used for updation where exception raised.
                      • Debug Jar for Analysing Inline image issues

                        These jars attached in this article is used to debug the issues with sending mail that contains inline images with additional log prints. How To ? Download the ".fjar" file attached in this article corresponding to your build number. Build Number ...
                      • Fjar for Logout issue [Session is still Active after Logout]

                        Issue Cause: When we try to logout from the ServicedeskPlus the Session Status in the DB shows still ACTIVE. Resolution: The fix for the issue has been attached with this article. Check the "Jar Compatibility" section to download the appropriate fix ...