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Log collection failure alerts

Device down alert:
When configured devices don't respond to pings from EventLog Analyzer, it implies either of the following:
  1. The selected Syslog devices are not sending logs to EventLog Analyzer.
  2. EventLog Analyzer has not collected logs from the Windows devices for the assigned interval time, triggering an alert to the configured email address.
For Windows devices, last scan time will be considered. On the other hand, last message time will be taken into account for Syslog devices. 

Note: The device down alert signals when the time lapsed since the last message exceeds the time interval set by the end user.

Low disk space alert:

Since EventLog Analyzer requires a minimum of 5GB of free space, an alert is generated and sent as an email notification to admins when the disk space available in the local directory, index directory, product database, or archive directory goes below 5GB. You can change this setting manually by navigating to Settings > Admin Settings > Product Settings > Product Notifications.

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